janx equipment

Mobile Equipment

JANX has over 200 mobile radiographic inspection units consisting of 4-wheel drive 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks with portable darkrooms or AUT rooms and portable power plants. The darkrooms are air conditioned and heated, and contain developing tanks, AUT equipment, film dryers, and film viewing equipment. Also available are portable darkroom trailers from 18 feet to 25 feet long and fully equipped 44-foot long office/darkroom combinations for large projects.

Isotope Equipment

JANX uses devices manufactured by Source Production and Equipment Company (SPEC) and QSA Global to perform gamma radiography. We have projectors licensed to hold up to 150 curies of Iridium 192 and 100 curies of Cobalt 60.

X-ray Equipment

JANX uses a variety of x-ray equipment from ported machines to panoramic machines. We are equipped to radiograph 6 inch to 48-inch diameter pipelines internally with either totally automatic battery or generator operated crawlers or electrically operated cable crawlers. All equipment is portable via our specially built mobile labs. JANX has enough crawler equipment to handle 15 large spreads at one time with two complete crawlers on each spread.

Equipment Support

JANX always has spare equipment on hand to facilitate the quick and easy resolution of problems encountered in the field environment with damaged or faulty equipment. JANX has on staff three full time mechanics certified in all phases of vehicle repair nationally. For crawler work, JANX provides two complete crawlers for every job. For large jobs, we keep a spare unit on site in case of breakdown of any of our vehicles. JANX is capable of carrying a mobile unit to a job site to swap out a unit and bring the malfunctioning unit back to Parma, MI. If you are having problems with down time, call JANX.

Ultrasonic Equipment

JANX employs state of the art UT equipment by General Electric, Panametrics, Krautkrämer, and RD Tech, including the Epoch II, Epoch III, Epoch 4 Plus, USN50, and the OmniScan MX Phased Array Ultrasonic equipment with TomoScan Reporting Software. Our parent company, Applus RTD, has a modern research and development campus from which they have developed the most advanced AUT equipment in the industry. JANX is capable of handling any number of large pipeline spreads with AUT. Whether your project requires straight beam technology, automated weld inspection, time of flight diffraction, or phased array technology, our equipment can handle the task.

Tensile Testing Equipment

Calibrated tensile testing equipment is available for the destructive testing of pipe coupons for procedure qualifications or welder qualifications when required. JANX has tensile equipment ranging from 20 tons to 60 tons and we perform tests on standard steels as well as all exotic materials. JANX has in house a complete machine shop for cutting and machining of test pieces for destructive or nondestructive testing. Testing may be performed for API, ASME, and AWS procedures for welder qualification. Branch connections may be tested here also.
Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment

Most of the mobile units are equipped with hand held yoke portable magnetic particle inspection equipment and red or gray dry mag powder. However, JANX also has on hand a full line of specialized mag equipment such as large 1500 amp mag units and black lights. Also available is fluorescent wet magnetic particle inspection as well as color contrasting magnetic particle inspection. JANX specializes in the location of Stress Corrosion Cracking in pipelines and related facilities. All equipment is calibrated to ASME requirements.

Stress Relieving Equipment

Fully automatic control of temperature rise, fall, and soak cycles by reliable computer equipment provides for the smoothest chart recorder print outs available. This equipment takes 480 volts of 75 amp power to run, and if you don’t have that kind of power handy, JANX will supply its own trailer mounted, 3 ton, 175,000 watt Onan generator at a more than reasonable cost to you. This equipment can also be off loaded from the unit in order to be taken to those hard to get at places.

Positive Material Identification Equipment

JANX offers the latest NITON equipment for positive material identification. The information gathered can be exported to a spreadsheet for manipulation or the information can be printed out in report form while on the job. As many as 600 identifications may be gathered in a single day.

Ultrasonic Scanning for Corrosion Equipment

JANX employs NDT System’s “Port-a-Scan” for automated scanning of pipe and vessels for wall loss (corrosion) that is traceable to the exact spot where the scan was taken. The equipment will allow for three-dimensional imaging, spread sheet analysis, Rstreng calculations, B31G calculations, and color reports correlating to the thickness values of the material being tested. Data can be exported to any program that the customer desires.

Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment

With “Structure Scan” equipment and optional antennas, JANX can look for rebar in concrete or any other obstructions in concrete or underground. Information can be exported to other software programs or digitally stored for future reference.

Dye Penetrant Inspection

Dye penetrant supplies are available on all of our units and all of our technicians are trained and certified in this method. Large batch applications are available upon request.

Auto Degauss Equipment

Having problems with welding on magnetized material? JANX has auto degauss equipment that can eliminate the problem and is portable and easy to use.

Hardness Testing Equipment

JANX has the hardness tester for your job. We use the standard “Telebrineller” or the EchoTip hardness tester, whichever is best suited for your job as well as the MIC 10 Durotester for European testing requirements.

Welding Support

JANX employs many AWS Certified Welding Inspectors who can test and certify welders, qualify welding procedures, do hardness tests, and even perform the destructive test on welder coupons with calibrated equipment to any code requirement.